5 Inch Universal Remote Holder, 2 Packs (WMH001-B)


  • Benefits: Keep all your things organized in one place. Help to stop losing remote controls around the house. Perfect for home, hotels, classrooms, and offices.
  • Usage: This stylish holder can firmly hold up to 4.4lbs, fits all types of media controls including television, cable TV, satellite TV, DVR, DVD, VCR, Blu-ray, soundbar, speaker, and media-player remotes.
  • Design: Slots opening located on the bottom of the holder help reduce dust or moisture accumulation.
  • Easy Install: No drilling holes and No tools needed. Hole-Free strong adhesives make it easy to install. Screw fixation is also included. 
  • Package Includes: WALI 5” Remote Control Holder (Navy) x 2, Mounting Hardware Kit, User Manual, 10 Year protection

Product Specifications:

  • Perfect for placing all types of media controls, mobile phone, pens, keys and more.
  • Dimension: 5"x2"x4.4"
  • Holds up to 4.4lbs (2kg).
  • Two mounting options are included for easy installation.


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