Monitor Desk Mount Solutions

During the past several years, more people use more than one monitor when working in front of the computer. Having those monitors above the desk, not on the desk, make for better workspace organization.

Types of Monitor Desk Mounts:

First of all, check the desk and quantity of monitors you want to set up with. Make sure the monitors are VESA compatible. For certain brand monitors,you may need VESA Adapter or Exclusive VESA plates. 

Free Standing Mounts:

The main reason why people prefer freestanding monitor mounts is if they can't attach a C-clamp to their desk. It is simple to get a free standing mount working with your desk. Just make sure you have enough room on the desk surface for the stand. Free standing mounts allow height adjustment, swivel,tilting, and even rotating the screen itself into a landscape format.

Grommet/C-Clamp Base Desk Mount:

Comparing to Free Standing Mounts, it saves more desk space and provides full adjustment. 


Multi-Monitor Setups:

Depending on your needs, you can choose Single Monitor Mount, Dual Monitor Mount, Triple Monitor Mount, or even Quad Monitor Mount for a ergonomic viewing option. The more monitors included, the higher price goes.

Gas Spring VS Articulating:

Gas Spring arms can hold heavier monitors, and they’re easy to adjust. But it's a little more expensive than it’s articulating counterpart. It smoothly moves and provides a slower release of force than the articulating version.

The articulating version is less expensive and last longer than the gas spring. There are no leaky seals or failing parts to worry about. But it will need additional tools when adjusting angles.