Base Stand Compatible with Mount GROM-B


  • Specification: Compatible with most WALI desk monitor mount. Maximum support 3.5” Diameter desktop cable grommet hole and 3.5” thick desk.
  • Compatibility Model List: M001, M002, M003, M004, MF002, MF003, M001XL, M002XL, M001LP, M00LP, MLP01.
  • Design: Tightening knob caters for various desk thickness, maximum support 3.5” thick desktop. Soft pad on the inside protect your desk more effectively.
  • Simplicity: Easy to install and remove, giving more options to mount monitors.
  • Package Includes: WALI Desk Mount Grommet Base x 1, Mounting Hardware Kit, 10 Year protection

Please check the mount compatible for your desk:

  • Please check you have a cable grommet hole on your desk first. This grommet mount supports up to 3.5 inches diameter desktop cable grommet hole.
  • Check your desk thickness. This grommet mount fits up to 3.5 inches thick desk.

Product Specifications:

  • Fit up to 3.5” thick desk with 3.5” diameter cable grommet hole.
  • Tightening screw suitable for different thickness tables/desks up to 3.5" thick.
  • Soft pad protects your desk from scratches.
  • Hassle-free installation and/or removal giving you more options to mount your monitors securely.

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